Send flowers to Voronezh

Flowers and bouquets from the salon“Grand Flora”

    1. Order free shipping bouquet in any area of ​​the city of Voronezh.
    2. We deliver to order fresh flowers, gifts and  bouquets with 50% discount.
    3. Carry clock flowers delivery destination Voronezh and  in another city in Russia at any time of the day or night.
    4. The client can get a bunch already 3 hours after the order through the Internet.
    5. You can pay in cash to the courier, make transfer from the monetary system, and make a payment by credit card or electronic money.

Send flowers to Voronezh cheap

Shipping cost in the cabin“Grand Flora”costs as low as 300 rubles, if you make order out of Voronezh Order beautiful flowers and holiday - & nbsp..; roses, Peonies, tulips, gerbera, Lilies, orchid, chrysanthemum, Chamomile, lily. Our florists make bouquets and flower arrangements in the form of  hearts for the design  wedding or at birthday. Present favorite woman flowers Balloons or stuffed toy of gift basket.


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Where to buy flowers in Voronezh?

delivery service of flowers and gifts«Grand Flora»

  • Address: g. Voronezh, ul. Karl Marx, 70A
  • Working hours: from 8 to 21 hours

additional contacts

  • Phone: 8 (800) 333 01 95
  • Vayber: 8 (968) 278 01 91
  • Mail:
Order flowers with delivery Voronezh
 350 rubles. (3 hours)
 350 rubles. (3 hours)
 300 rubles. (3 hours)

Flower shop“Grand Flora”take a bunch courier to any location in the Voronezh region! Call Now Tel 8 (800) 333 01 95 and our consultant will discuss with you the conditions of delivery and payment.

Answers to frequently asked questions


1) In any other city, you can order flowers delivery?


You can order flowers delivery to any city in Russia. If the required location was not in the list, in any case we will deliver a bouquet to the address, as we cooperate with local florists.


2) Can I get a bunch to the exact time?


Of course, you can write the desired delivery time for additional information during the ordering process and the courier will bring flowers at the indicated time: +/- 10 minutes.


3) You can send a bouquet of flowers anonymously?


Of course, when ordering not sign a postcard and sent a courier will not say who ordered the flowers.


4) What are the guarantees that the flowers bring fresh and there is no trick?


bouquets assembly takes place right before delivery, so we guarantee the freshness of floral compositions.


The company“Grand Flora”It offers a service for flower delivery since 2008. Read customer reviews about the quality of our services to you it was easier to trust us on our website or online (e.g., authoritative site“Otzovik”)


5) How long does it bring me flowers?


Messenger nearest florist will bring bouquet for 1-4 hours. Delivery times may shift over time depending on traffic, search for an address, and other factors. Estimated delivery time will tell the operator when placing an order.


6) What is the cost of delivery of Voronezh?


Delivery of the city free of charge.


7) Is it possible to deliver flowers on the field?


Our stores-partners can take the flowers out of the city. Shipping cost - 40 rubles. a kilometer away from the city.


8) Can I track the delivery of your bouquet?


To find out what your bouquet, visit the page " Order status"And enter your order number. Also, call 8 (800) 333-01-95 and managers will answer at what stage the order.


When the courier hands over the hands of the bouquet, we immediately send you a notification on your phone number and send emails to your specified email.